How I make money

You may not have noticed, but Take Charge of Your Money has very few adverts! 

I know that it’s very common to visit sites with stacks of ads all over but I don’t really like it and have decided to be very picky with the ads or affiliate links that I show. There are a few ads on the sign up forms for my newsletters, but these are relevant and very non-intrusive. And of course, you can simply ignore them.

So how do I make money?

You can visit my page on Brands I Trust to see a list of brands that I use myself and that offer some sort of referral fee. I am happy to promote these brands and products as these are things that I use myself and I know that they are good quality and professional companies. It would be great if you used the referral links, but you can go to sites directly too.

I also occasionally post sponsored content which means that a company either requests me to write on a specific topic, or they provide the content. These posts will always be marked with a bold title “Sponsored Post”. I am very picky about sponsored posts as I am only prepared to promote brands and products that resonate with my values and beliefs and the post needs to be useful and in line with my site.

And what about if you see a page promoting a product but it’s not marked as sponsored? Well then it simply means I decided to promote something without any remuneration.

Finally, I am slowly building up a suite of products which I promote and sell. These are my own and I really hope that they are useful and helpful to all. You can find them on my Resources menu or in the sidebar.

Have your say

If you ever have bad experiences with any of the brands I trust or feel that any of the sponsored content is unsuitable for the site then I would like to hear from you! Please share your experiences and views, I’m always keen to hear! You can contact me here.