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Investment Fees

Investment fees

Take a closer look at your investment fees. First appeared in City Press It’s always exciting to start a new investment as it gives us that feeling of empowerment and the sense that we’re taking charge of our finances, planning…

What are blended annuities

What are Blended Annuities?

Blended annuities – are they ‘just right’ for your retirement? A priority for South Africans approaching retirement should be to secure an income for life that at least covers essential monthly expenses (e.g. housing, food, water and electricity, transport, phone…

US expat tax filing

US expat tax filing

US expat tax filing, in partnership with TFX. Written by Veronica Rhodes. South Africa has recently enjoyed a reputation for diversity, prosperity, and stability in the continent. The country is often called the rainbow nation, and its multiethnic society encompasses…

How to choose an annuity

How to choose an annuity

Regulations require you to use at least two-thirds of your Retirement Fund to buy an annuity when you retire. An annuity is a product that provides you with a monthly retirement income or pension. The regulation applies to a Retirement…