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Do you want a real financial plan created around your unique circumstance? Need to find financial planner who will listen to you and not just try sell you products?

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I’m not qualified nor authorised to offer any sort of financial advice or planning services. But, I can put you in touch with an independent financial planner who will listen to you and discuss your situation. He doesn’t make money off selling you products, he’ll actually listen to you and give you independent professional advice.

I am happy to recommend Terence! A highly qualified financial planner who is passionate about helping people create meaningful financial plans.

Terence is not a traditional financial advisor as he first-and-foremost wants to develop a plan for you. If you happen to need some financial products, he’ll make a recommendation. But, he is not pushing products. Here’s something I wrote about what If financial advisers can actually help you with and where you will find value. Why not book an obligation-free session and ask your questions. Find out what value you will get from the sessions and determine whether you would like to go ahead.

If you need a financial planner or you need help on how to make a financial plan, book your free financial advice chat and see what he can do for you!

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