Personal finance spreadsheets and resources

Personal Finance Spreadsheets and Resources

I’ve built up quite a collection of useful personal finance spreadsheets and resources here at Take Charge of Your Money. Take a look at them and please share feedback with me about whether you find them useful.

Financial Health

Help! Where's my money gone?

Help! Where’s my money gone

A useful guide and workbook to help you take charge of your money

My personal finance spreadsheet

My personal finance spreadsheet

52 Week Savings Challenge

The 52 Week Savings Challenge

Save over 13k in 52 weeks

Calculate your Financial Health

Calculate your Financial Health

Find the areas you need to focus on to improve your financial health

Starting late to save for retirement

Starting late to save for retirement

Home Loans / Loan calculator spreadsheet

Udemy course on home loan calculations in Excel

Sometimes have a special voucher here.



I really hope that you find these personal finance spreadsheets and resources useful. It’s probably a good idea to bookmark this page as I’ll update it as I create new ones.

I’m busy writing a workbook on how to pay off debt. It’s going to be awesome! More on this soon….

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