Brendan Dale profile picHi and thanks for checking out my personal finance blog! And while you’re here why not have a look at my very first post about why I started.

My name is Brendan and I’m a software developer working a regular 9 – 5 job. I’m 40-something years old, married and living in Cape Town (South Africa).

I often wish that I didn’t need to “slave away” at my job as there is so much that I would love to be doing! Life is short and I want to make the best of it and hence I am however forever working towards a goal of financial freedom and the idea for this blog is to create a collection of thoughts, ideas, tools, useful videos etc that are helpful to me, and hopefully to you too!

Be in control of your finances

People have often told me “you’re good with money” and that’s really just because I refuse to be drawn into the consumerism and debt cycle. There’s no magic trick, just some common sense and looking at situations and and decisions in a logical and non-emotional way.

If you feel that your money is out of control and that you have no idea how to fix things then follow me on Twitter or Facebook and join the conversations.

A great resource of personal finance info in South Africa.

I blog about common sense personal finance for everyday folk who want to take charge of their money and start fixing the mess they’re in. 

See some of the feedback I’ve received

Hi there! I just binge read about 3 hours worth of your blogs! Love it! Good luck on your journey (I share the same hobby and passion regarding personal finance as you do and am on a similar financial path). Also Capetonian so your blog resonates with me. All the best! – Craig

Hi Brendan, its always good to read your blogs… makes me look at my debt in a different way. We bought a house 18 months ago and with the child on the way we looking at downsizing our cars to a cheaper paid off car to make money available for nappies and things. We really looking at our expenses and seeing what we can juggle to get everything we want but also keep the house. Ultimately we like our house and willing to do anything to keep it. There is no real right and wrong, just what are we willing to put up with…
Thanks for keeping our heads in the anti-debt game – Nic

I’ve been following your work for some time now and thanks for the great advice and posts you share. I’ve learnt a lot and I continue to learn, therefore have improved my financial literacy and life. – Tebogo

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And you’re still reading?

Fantastic! And now if you want to hear my voice you can listen to the podcasts from my Cape Talk Radio interviews which happen every Saturday morning.

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That's me published in People Magazine

Yip – that’s me with my copy of People Magazine (8 Oct 2018 – my birthday!) featuring my article on 10 warning signs that you’re misusing your credit card! Quite exciting to be published!

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