Brands I Trust

As mentioned in the page on how I make money, these brands and products are things that I recommend as I am personally using them! I know how they work, what they offer and how useful they have been to me!

The links below (and occasionally in posts) are referral links which mean that I will earn a small commission should you opt to join or use any of these services. I would hope that you are okay with that but if you don’t like me earning any commission then you can obviously go directly to the companies web page.

Please share any experiences that you have with these brands so that I can be confident that they are a good fit for my site.

Please support me by at least looking at some of these (no pressure!)

Naked Insure

Naked Insure

Get a car insurance quote in under 90 seconds from Naked Insure. I really love them and they have some great unique insurance features. The Pause cover allows you to temporarily pause your fully comprehensive cover when you leave your car parked and you will pay a cheaper premium for the number of days.

See how I saved money on my car insurance.



If you need help to submit your tax return then TaxTim is the place to go! And if you use this voucher you’ll get a 10% discount!

Use voucher: WELLSPENT19 (expires 2019-12-31)

Loot Online Shopping

Whenever I refer to recommended books I’ll use a link from Loot. You’ll get a good price and great service.

YNAB (Budgeting App)

This is the Finance App I use and I’m really loving it. You can get a 34 day trial as well as a free month by using this affiliate link; simply click the image below or YNAB Personal Finance App. I know that there are other apps in South Africa which may work better for South Africans but I am still looking into them to see if they’ll work for me. This is a paid app and I need to use it a bit “manually”, but I love it!

See how I use YNAB in South Africa.



It shouldn’t come as any surprise to you that I use WordPress. I have a site hosted on the WordPress platform and prefer that (rather than a self hosted site). The advantages for me are that they host your site and manage backups and to be honest, your site never gets hacked. They also provide approved templates, the WordPress community, JetPacks plugin and a great mobile app.