Home Loan Spreadsheet


An Excel spreadsheet showing your month-to-month home loan payments, interest and effects of extra payments.



A comprehensive Excel Home Loan Spreadsheet showing a breakdown of your home loan payments by month.

See the interest and principle portions and play around with extra monthly payments and see what effect they have on the overall term. There is also a simple graph showing the expected payment date. This is what I used myself when paying off my home loan and for interest sake yo can read about why I decided to pay off my home loan early instead of investing the extra money.

The spreadsheet is fully editable, no locks or passwords.

This home loan spreadsheet is the result that you would get if you took my Udemy course which explains all the formulas and why you should set things up the way they are. For more on the course or to see a demo of the spreadsheet – view the Udemy Course here.

Or watch this on YouTube to see what this spreadsheet looks like. Note that the video speaks of a course – that is the Udemy course. You can however purchase only the final spreadsheet here.

Home loan calculations spreadsheet
Home loan calculations spreadsheet
Home loan calculations graph
Home loan calculations graph

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