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I regularly create content for others. Some is published in either magazines, newspapers or corporate publications, and some is for websites and corporate blogs. I don’t always manage to get a copy but here are some examples of where my work has appeared in print. (Not an exhaustive list, and updated every now and then)

This was a fun piece for Change Exchange: The secret budgeting tip that will help you make it through the year

Some pieces from City press, Estate Living and People Magazine.

In print.

City Press article on household contents insurance
How much is you car costing you?
City Press 16 June 2019 : Finding the best Student Account

Finding the best student account

Estate Living – 2 articles in June 2019 magazine
Take a closer look at your Invest Fess – City Press 19 May 2019

An adaptation of this one: Why investment fees matter

Tax implications of cashing in your provident fund – Estate Living May 2019

The tax implications of cashing in your Provident Fund

Calculating your Net Worth – City Press 22 April 2019

Here’s the full article: Calculating your Net Worth

Retirement article in Estate Living magazine April 2019

See full article here: Funding your retirement

Sweating the small stuff – City Press 3 March 2019

Here’s the full article: Sweating the small stuff

People Magazine – 8 Oct 2018

10 warning signs that you’re misusing your credit card!

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