Budgeting Course Intro

Budgeting Course Intro

Budgeting Intro: Welcome and thanks so much for starting this free budgeting intro course!

Here you’ll learn how to make a budget. There are 3 videos to watch from 3 completely different people who share why they budget and each one has some great tips and tricks to help you improve how you manage your money. They are all different, and that’s the whole point! Each person has different circumstances and priorities and you’ll see that your budget should reflect what works for you! This is your money and no-one should be telling you how to spend it or save it; you get to decide.

So, let’s take a look at what will you learn in this budgeting intro module:

  • that a budget is completely unique to you and your own circumstances
  • that you set the goals and the “rules”
  • how to set up a basic budget

In the first 3 lessons you’ll watch Nicolette Mashile (TV personality and financial educator) discuss what she calls a Spending Plan. You’ll hear Tebogo Mowandi (a reader of the blog who transformed his finances) talk about how he has fallen in love with his budget. And finally, Di Brown (social media influencer) talks about freelancing and things that one needs to consider when not earning a fixed income.

Lesson 4 will help you gather the info you need in order to create a successful budget and the final lesson, Lesson 5 will get you started with your very own budget!

All the chats are unscripted and easy-going and the purpose of each is just to get an overview of what others think about budgeting and managing their money. Look out for common threads in the chats as these are important.

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So now let’s move over Lesson 1 with Nicolette Mashile and see how to make a budget.

I really hope that you enjoy this and find the content valuable! Please let me know…

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