Personal finance blogs I like

Personal Finance Blogs I like

I really enjoy reading personal finance blogs and here is a list of some of my favorites. Personal finance South Africa is really picking up! Find the ones that resonate with you and don’t forget to follow them and engage as much as possible.

No one cares as much about your money as you do, so learn as much as you can to ensure that you can keep it safe and build wealth. As always, take charge of your money!

So if you’re wondering what blogs to read about personal finance, here they are:

Personal Finance blogs in South Africa

There are many personal finance blogs in South Africa and hard to list them all. This is my limited list but have a look at my more extensive Twitter list of money bloggers in South Africa.

Take Charge of Your Money : Yes, you are on the site. But just in case you don’t realise the wealth of information here, take a look at the “Topics” menu or start on the home page.

Rate Compare : If you want to know where to find the best interest rates in South Africa, check this one out. Best fixed deposit rate, best savings account interest, etc. A great way to compare interest rates in South Africa.

Stealthy Wealth : Read about an ordinary guys 15 year journey to Financial Freedom. Stealthy contains many great in-depth articles on investing and generally includes interesting calculations.

ETF Enthusiast : A blog about ETF’s and investing in South Africa. Really worth the read and you can even have a look at the authors own investment strategy and see which ETF’s he invests in.

Frugal Local : Learn about property investments, personal money matters and coffee

Do Better Business : Helping entrepreneurs and small business owners to be more successful. Essential for any business owner who feels that the business just isn’t going anywhere.

Personal Finance blogs from around the world

Modest Money Personal Finance listing : A really huge listing of personal finance blogs which are automatically ranked by SEO, social media and general traffic data.

Here’s the list of the Top 40 Money Savings Blogs & Websites – you’ll find me in that list.

There are obviously many more money blogs and interesting sites to follow, too many to list. If you have a particular favorite which you think I should share, let me know.

Personal Finance South Africa

And while you’re here, some brands and folk I would recommend.

As always, do what you need in order to take charge of your money!