Become an affiliate

Become an affiliate

Would you like to make extra money without it costing you a cent? In fact, you can start an extra income stream for free. So easy! Simply sign up as affiliate on the Take Charge Of Your Money website.

How does this work?

You can sign up to become an affiliate on the Take Charge Of Your Money website. I’ll create a unique affiliate link for you on

You will need a Gumroad account as well as a Paypal account if you are in South Africa.

Using your affiliate link, Gumroad will track all clicks and sales and you will be paid directly by Gumroad. It’s all so seamless and easy!

How can you promote my items?

Firstly, go have a look at the items that I sell. There are not many yet, but this may change as I am constantly growing my brand. (Note that no commission is payable off FREE products)

You could try any of these ideas to make sales:

  • Insert a link to a specific product in one of your blog posts.
  • Tweet the offer to your followers.
  • Create a post or story on Instagram with your unique coupon code.
  • Add a link to your LinkTree.
  • Send out a WhatsApp message to your contacts.
  • Invite me to join your Twiter Spaces, IG Live, YouTube, podcast, or other medium to discuss how to pay off debt.
  • Receive a free copy of my items in exchange for a review on your site. (Feel free to request this, but I will decide on an individual basis)

Want to become an affiliate?

Use the form below to request your coupon code.

Sales pitch

Here are two examples that could be used.

How to pay off debt ebook

I’ve come across this awesome book on how to pay off debt in 8 steps. It’s written for South Africans in the form of a workbook with practical and manageable steps that anyone can follow. You really can get out of debt!

Home Loan Excel

A super useful home loan calculation spreadsheet. Shows you interest, capital, and effects of extra monthly payments. Fully editable and can be used to track your loan payments each month.

How will payments be made?

Payments are automated and fully managed by Gumroad.

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