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About takechargeofyourmoney

About takechargeofyourmoney

Hi and thanks for checking out my personal finance blog! Read up about TakeChargeOfYourMoney and while you’re here why not have a look at my very first post about why I started, and the list of podcast and radio interviews I’ve done.

My name is Brendan and I’m a software developer (now Scrum Master) working a regular 9 – 5 job. I’m 40-something years old, married and living in Cape Town (South Africa).

I often wish that I didn’t need to “slave away” at my job as there is so much that I would love to be doing! Life is short and I want to make the best of it and hence I am forever working towards a goal of financial freedom and the idea for this blog is to create a collection of thoughts, ideas, tools, useful videos etc that are helpful to me, and hopefully to you too! I am taking charge of my money and hence the title for the blog; TakeChargeofYourMoney.

People have often told me “you’re good with money” and that’s really just because I refuse to be drawn into the consumerism and debt cycle. There’s no magic trick, just some common sense and looking at situations and and decisions in a logical and non-emotional way.

If you feel that your money is out of control and that you have no idea how to fix things then follow me on Twitter or Facebook and join the conversations.

A great resource of personal finance information and financial literacy in South Africa.

If you want to find out more about my personal journey to financial freedom, have a look at this Q&A session I had with 10x Investments and also see my own debt story. I am also available for freelance writing and have been published in City Press newspaper, Estate Living magazine, People magazine, Old Mutual magazine, and several online sites. Use the Contact form to get in touch.

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All the basics of personal finance in one place

Financial spreadsheets and resources

I blog about common sense personal finance for everyday folk who want to take charge of their money and start fixing the mess they’re in. 

See some of the feedback I’ve received

Hi there! I just binge read about 3 hours worth of your blogs! Love it! Good luck on your journey (I share the same hobby and passion regarding personal finance as you do and am on a similar financial path). Also Capetonian so your blog resonates with me. All the best!


Hi Brendan, its always good to read your blogs… makes me look at my debt in a different way. We bought a house 18 months ago and with the child on the way we looking at downsizing our cars to a cheaper paid off car to make money available for nappies and things. We really looking at our expenses and seeing what we can juggle to get everything we want but also keep the house. Ultimately we like our house and willing to do anything to keep it. There is no real right and wrong, just what are we willing to put up with…
Thanks for keeping our heads in the anti-debt game


I’ve been following your work for some time now and thanks for the great advice and posts you share. I’ve learnt a lot and I continue to learn, therefore have improved my financial literacy and life.


And you’re still reading?

Fantastic! And now if you want to hear my voice you can listen to the podcasts from my Cape Talk Radio interviews. Most of the links below also include the recording from the show but there have been occasional interviews where either the presenter or I waffle a bit off topic and I’ve deiced to exclude the recordings. LOL. All my interviews for takechargeofyourmoney blog.

Recent Podcasts

Mortgage free in South Africa in less than 5 years – Andy Hill – 16 Sep 2021

Honest Money Podcast with Warren Ingram – 28 Jun 2021

Radio interviews

Interview with Lerato on Bush Radio – 25 October 2021

Chatting about online shopping on Khaya FM on 23 June 2020

Talking about the 52 Week Savings Challenge on RiseFM on 14 January 2019 (no podcast available)

UCT Radio on 30 April 2018 (no podcast available) – this was my very first radio interview.

Weekly Cape Talk Radio interviews

Discussing travel insurance with Africa Melane on 29 September 2019

Talking to your kids about money with Mpho Molotlegi on 27 July 2019

Selling your house could leave you at a loss with Mpho Molotlegi on 20 July 2019

Risks and Benefits of owning two vehicles with Jeremy van Wyk on 13 July 2019

Tumi’s debt story with Jeremy van Wyk on 6 July 2019

Cashing in your Provident Fund with Mpho Molotlegi on 29 June 2019

How much do you spend on debt? with Mark Johnson on 15 June 2019

Strategies to ensure your financial security with Mark Johnson on 8 June 2019

What to do when you’re involved in an accident with Zaine Johnson on 1 June 2019

Understanding your credit score with Keenan Williams on 25 May 2019

Beware of Lifestyle Creep with Ismail Lagardien on 18 May 2019

Discussing Insurance Shortfall with An Wentzel on 11 May 2019

Investment fees and why they matter with Zain Johnson on 4 May 2019

What the 2019 Budget Speech means for us with Jeremy van Wyk on 20 April 2019

5 Warning signs that you’re not control of your credit card with Mark Johnson on 13 April 2019

Is it better to save money or to pay off debt? Keenan Williams on 6 April 2019

I’m poorer now than I was last last year – chat with Jeremy van Wyk on 16 March 2019

My pension fund is dropping with An Wentzel on 9 March 2019

Discussing 3 Money Ideas for the week with Zain Johnson on 2 March 2019

Imagine winning the 232 million is the lotto with An Wentzel on 23 February 2019

Canceling your store cards and calculating your Net Worth with Jeremy van Wyk on 16 February 2019

The 52 Week Savings Challenge with Jeremy van Wyk live on 9 February 2019

Is physical swiping better than paying digitally? With Jeanne Michel on 2 February 2019

Budgeting for clothing with Jeremy van Wyk live on 26 January 2019

Create a buffer in your budget 19 January 2019

A quick chat about whether it’s better to save money or pay debt (related this post on Save Money or Pay Debt) 12 January 2019

Talking about spending habits and how small expenses can all add up – 5 January 2019

How to avoid the traps of Debt-cember 8 December 2018

4 Mistakes to avoid when you’re involved in a car accident 1 December 2018

Post Black-Friday blues (related to the post Tips to avoid Black Friday24 November 2018

Talking about buying & selling property privately 17 November 2018

Retirement planning in uncertain times 3 November 2018

The true cost of your home loan initiation fee 27 October 2018

Cash flow matters! (Part 1) 20 October 2018

Start planning for Christmas now! 13 October 2018

Budgeting weaknesses & challenges 6 October 2018

Questions from listeners (buying a house on a personal loan & how often to upgrade your car) 29 September 2018

Why buy property in a Trust? 22 September 2018

Help! Where’s my money gone? 15 September 2018

Surviving the ever increasing petrol price 8 September 2018

How we’re taught that we need debt 1 September 2018

Finding the best pet insurance in South Africa 25 Aug 2018

The pros & cons of Credit Cards 18 August 2018

5 Habits to improve your financial health 11 August 2018

Who needs life insurance? 4 August 2018

My partner won’t budget 28 July 2018

Make this a Savings Month for you! 21 July 2018

Anything else about takechargeofyourmoney that you should know?

I take my money seriously and I would love to encourage others to do so too. I really believe that one can improve ones finances and future life by following some simple principles and habits which I share throughout the blog.

Take charge of your money! Personal finance in South Africa!

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