Universal branch code

Universal branch codes

In the past we used to always have to know our individual bank branch code in order to receive payments from people. These days though all banks use a universal branch code which means that we just provide our account number and the universal branch code for our bank.

So, here are the universal branch codes for banks in South Africa. Bookmark the page for easy reference. I’ve also added the SWIFT code needed for international payments. Please let me know if I have missed any bank.

Universal bank branch codes South Africa

The bold ones are the most popular banks (I think)

Bank NameBranch CodeSWIFT Code
African Bank430000AFRCZAJJXXX
Bank Zero888000ZERMZAJJ
Discovery Bank679000DISCZAJJ
FNB / First National Bank250655FIRNZAJJ
First Rand Bank250655FIRNZAJJ
Grinrod Bank223626GRIDZAJJXXX
Mercantile Bank450105 CABLZAJJXXX
Old Mutual462005OMAMZAJC XXX
SA Post Bank (Post Office)460005SBZAZAJJ
Sasfin Bank683000SASFZAJJXXX
Standard Bank051001SBZAZAJJ

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