What is cell phone insurance

What is cell phone insurance?

So what is cell phone insurance and do you really need it? And more importantly, how does it work and what will it cover? Keep reading to get the answers to these questions and more.

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Let’s start with the basics of insurance.

How does cell phone insurance work?

Insurance, in general, is a product which is created to protect you from loss. Whether it be your things that you own, your ability to work, or even more extreme, your life. Each type of insurance product is tailored to the circumstances around the item or event being insured. And the premium (the monthly amount you pay) is calculated based on averages and general risks that exist.

There are some very clever people who try to quantify risk and work out “what the chances are” of something happening, and the costs involved.

When thinking about cell phone insurance, think about the bad things that could happen.

  • Most common would be dropping your phone. The screen could get scratched, a little cracked or completely smashed. And you could have extra damage in the mic or speaker or other components.
  • You could lose your phone.
  • Your phone could be stolen.
  • You can spill your tea over your phone.
  • Your phone could accidentally go swimming with you. LOL.

What are the chances though? And how could you cope financially?

Insurance is there to help you in such events by either replacing your phone or by fixing it.

In essence, you pay a monthly fee based on your phone and its value, and then you can make claims when things happen. It’s easy to budget and manage your cash flow with a fixed expense.

Take note:

It’s a crime to make false claims and all insurance companies have mechanisms in place to protect themselves. You can’t simply pretend to lose your phone in order to get a new one. That is NOT what insurance is and it could land you in hot water.

Do I need cell phone insurance?

This is simply a question of whether you could afford to buy a new phone if you lost yours. If you have a fancy smartphone valued at R10k or more, is that something you can afford to lose?

With all insurance, it comes down to the amount of risk you’re willing to take.

Bad things don’t happen every day or every month, but are you happy to risk it? And if you risk it, what will happen if you don’t have the money to either fix your phone or replace it?

Insurance is usually worth it as the small monthly premium gives you peace of mind and protects your finances when unexpected things happen. You may not have cell phone insurance now, but why not get a quote just to see what it would cost?

What is Bling cellphone insurance?

Bling cellphone insurance
Bling cellphone insurance

Bling cellphone insurance is a great product from King Price insurance which offers you tailored insurance cover at very reasonable rates.

It is designed to insure cell phones and there are 3 Bling options to choose from based on your budget and your needs.


Brand-new cover means your damaged phone will be repaired if possible or replaced with a brand-spanking-new phone if needed. This after theft, loss, accidental damage or water damage.


With Like-new cover your damaged phone will be repaired if possible, or replaced with a similar make and model, or a similar refurbished phone. Thus, it won’t necessarily be the exact same phone model that you have, but it will be similar and like new.


This cover is only for fixing of your screen, irrespective of whether there is more damage or not. With this option you understand that you are taking on the risk of further damage or loss. However, knowing that your screen can be fixed after a fall is reassuring!

Where can I find out more?

Check out the King Price Insurance website for more info on Bling Insurance and to find out more about what cell phone insurance is. It is also real quick and easy to get a no-obligation quote to see what it will cost for your phone and the option you choose.

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