ETF Investment Update November 2019

ETF Investment Update – November 2019

This is my second-last monthly update on my ETF investments where I tack my own investments and discuss my strategy. If you’re new to this series then you can start with these ones for some background.

What are ETF’s?

My first ETF investment

ETF Investment update – October 2019

Current investment

EasyEquities November 2019 balance

Up to the end of November I’ve invested R16,700 and the current value of the investment is R17,257.92 – thus a R557.92 growth.

I have had some questions about why my investment value is so low, and the answer is simple…

I have other investments but this is my first self-managed ETF investment where I’m employing a passive investment strategy. I only really learned about this quite late in life,  and started this last year around this time.

Take a look at where (and why) I started in my post on my first ETF investment.

Looking at the investments I have made and calculating daily compounded interest, my ETF investments have earned me around 8.5% per year.

Have a look at the details.

EasyEquities November 2019 update
EasyEquities November 2019 update

Investment strategy

This has remained constant over the past few months. Initially I changed and swopped ETF’s but I’m currently quite happy with this allocation.

EasyEquities November 2019 ETF Portfolio
EasyEquities November 2019 ETF Portfolio
  • 25% Local Equities – CoreShares Sci-Beta (Smart Beta)
  • 15% Local Equities – Satrix Top 40
  • 10% Local Property – Satrix Property ETF
  • 39% Offshore Equities – Satrix Worldwide
  • 10% Offshore Property – Sygnia Global Property ETF
  • 1% DCX – Crypto

This is a split 50% local, 49% offshore and 1% crypto.

To close

These monthly updates are getting a little boring as ETF investing is really for the long term and month-to-month changes don’t mean too much. I do however enjoy tracking my money and I’ll keep doing this for myself for some time to come.

Please share your own investment strategy and thoughts on ETF investments.

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