EasyEquities ETF Portfolio Sep 2019

ETF Investment Update – September 2019

So in case you haven’t been following, I am writing a monthly update on my ETF investment since making my first investment almost a year ago. I’ll keep doing this until around January or February 2020.

This months update will be quite short and sweet as there isn’t a lot to add since the August update besides the fact that I have allocated 1% to crypto currencies.

Am I crazy or mad? I don’t know…. I have successfully avoided crypto up until now but have decided to invest just a small amount to see how it turns out….

The current balance

EasyEquities ETF portfolio - September 2019

Up to now (26 September 2019) I have invested a total of R11,950 and after fees and costs, the balance is now R12,159.86

This means that if I look at the money I invested and calculate the daily compound interest since the start, I am averaging a 5.6% growth. This isn’t necessarily great (in fact it isn’t too good) but I’m keen to see how this evolves over time. All I need to do is keep track of the date I invest money as well as the amount and I can always run this calculation.

As always mentioned, passive investing is for the long term so this kind of month-to-month update is a little pointless (unless of course you like tracking things as I do!)

EasyEquities ETF growth versus bank investment
EasyEquities ETF growth versus bank investment

My portfolio

Nothing has changed since my August 2019 update.

  • 25% Local Equities – CoreShares Sci-Beta (Smart Beta)
  • 15% Local Equities – Satrix Top 40
  • 10% Local Property – Satrix Property ETF
  • 39% Offshore Equities – Satrix Worldwide
  • 10% Offshore Property – Sygnia Global Property ETF
  • 1% DCX – Cryto

When investing additional funds I simply re-balance the ETFs to match my goal.

EasyEquities ETF portfolio - September 2019
EasyEquities ETF portfolio – September 2019

My Crypto investment with DCX10

The DCX10 Index holds the top 10 crypto currencies as assets and works pretty much like an ETF or a unit trust which holds a selection of underlying assets in a fund structure. It doesn’t actually trade on the stock exchange though and to be honest I don’t 100% understand how it all works. But I decided to allocate 1% of my portfolio to this.

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