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#MoneyMonday – Two books I want to read in 2019

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Two books on my reading list for 2019

I’ve realized how little I read compared to just a few years ago when I used to go several books a year. I’ve never been able to read multiple books a month, but I do enjoy it and see great value in it. And, I miss it. Just sitting in my favorite spot in the garden with a great book, kitty next to me and a nice cuppa tea. Wow I haven’t done that in ages!

Two books that I want to get to this year are not novels, but rather life changing books on finance and keeping things tidy. I happen to be good at both (well at least that’s what I think) but there’s always room to learn more or to find a new way to think about something.

And you may think that reading two books over an entire year is really easy and you’re probably right. But instead of setting crazy goals for myself and getting frustrated when I don’t achieve them, let’s just stick to something simple and make sure I read these two!

Manage your money like a f*cking grownup

Manage you money like a f*cking grownup

This book has a somewhat “strong” title and possibly even a little offensive to some. I like it though as it’s cheeky and to the point. My partner sometimes tells me to write things in a nicer (softer) way as he says I sometimes come across a little too strong with what to do. Well, this book title certainly does that too!

I’m sure there will be some stuff that I already know and do, but I’m sure there will also be some nice new ideas to ponder.

I’m adding this one from Sam Beckbessinger to my wishlist. Click on the image to see more info.

The life changing magic of tidying

The life-changing magic of tidying

I happened to watch the first episode of Tidying with Marie Kondo on Netflix last night and really enjoyed it! Her way of thinking is so in line with mine and I love tidying and sorting things out! In fact some of her suggestions are things I already do and I found myself nodding in support of much of what was being said.

I just want to read the book to see what else she says! Since getting married I’ve found I have a storage room which should really be a spare room and I’d love to tackle that!

This book is on the list! Click on the image to see more info.

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  1. I read Sams’s book and it’s quite good as an intro into the world of personal finance for anyone new to the details. Just be prepared for her writing style (which I love by the way)


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