Christmas gift ideas

5 Great gift ideas for under R250

So we’re just days away from Christmas and if you haven’t yet bought gifts you may be pushing it a little in terms of purchasing online, although many sites offer same day delivery if you order in the morning so best check it out. The shopping malls are so crazy busy at this time of year that I’m completely avoiding them!

You can of course delay the gifts by a few days and see what specials come up, but that depends on you and your family traditions. As you should know by now, I’m all about being savvy with my money and big expensive gifts certainly aren’t on my list. See some tips on how to avoid debt this Debtcember.

In fact, here is my wish list at the moment. These links are all from Loot but you can obviously find the items anywhere. (And prices are as at time of writing – I have no control over external sites)

Gifts for under R50

A good old fashioned notebook to keep track of thoughts, spending, goals, plans, etc. I love writing things down! This is especially good for creating a simple budget or setting your goals for the new year.

A notebook / journal
A notebook / journal

Gifts under R100

I know this is just a water bottle, but it’s nice to have a solid long-lasting bottle. And it’s got a cute message “There is always something to be thankful for”. It really is important to appreciate what you have.

Water bottle

Gifts for under R150

Manage your money like a f*cking grownup – a book by Sam Beckbessinger

This is a local book which I really need to get my hands on! I’ve heard so much about it from friends, radio interviews, blogs, etc. The tagline says it all. The best money advice you ever got.

Manage you money like a f*cking grownup
Manage you money like a f*cking grownup

Gifts for under R250

Your money or your life – a book by Vicki Robin & Joe Dominguez

I haven’t read this yet but I have heard great things about this book. 9 Steps to transforming your relationship with money and achieving financial independence.

Your Money or Your Life
Your Money or Your Life

My Money – a book by Gerald Mwandiambira

Also haven’t read this one yet but it looks interesting from what I’ve seen. A financial planning guide for ordinary people sounds exactly like what we all need!

My Money
My Money

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