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The competition has ended

I’m really excited to be able to offer my first competition on my blog and it’s so easy to enter! What’s even better is that I’ve got a R2,000 Takealot voucher up for grabs – just in time for some year-end shopping!

So what’s it all about?

Well with December holidays coming up many of us will have a car standing still at home, at the airport, or even in the driveway at the beach house.

Naked Insure (one of the Brands I Trust) has a great feature called CoverPause which allows you to save roughly 50% of your insurance premium on the days that you’re not driving. Simply press one button on the app to downgrade your cover. You’re still covered for theft, damage from weather, even runaway airport trolleys, just not accident damage if you drive the car on those days. If you want to drive again, you can switch back to full cover with one click. See all the details here.

To Enter

To enter the competition find my post on either Facebook or Twitter (or find both) and SHARE the post along with a COMMENT on how many days your car will be standing still over the holidays.

The Facebook post is here.

The Twitter post is here.


That’s it! So simple! And although it may not seem applicable to you now but I’m sure there are times when you’re able to leave your car parked somewhere for a few days and that could save you some bucks. Whether you think it’s useful now or not, just have a look anyway and maybe even get a quote.

This is just so easy to enter and you may even end up saving yourself some money!

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Terms & Conditions (the legal bits)

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  • Although Naked may compensate “Take Charge of your Money” blog for the cost of said competition and/or pay referral fees for clients that sign up with Naked as a result of “Take Charge of your Money” blog’s referral, Naked does not have editorial oversight over “Take Charge of your Money” blog’s content. Any such content is neither advertising of Naked, nor independent financial advice, and the reader should not treat it as such.
  • Naked will not be liable for any illegal or unlawful actions or misrepresentations made by the referrer to the referee in respect of this service or any Naked product.
  • Eligible posts on Facebook and Twitter will be entered into the draw taking place on 31 October 2018.
  • The original social media post should be shared along with a comment about how many days your car may be standing still. There is no right or wrong answer and the intention is for the original post to be shared. Multiple entries accepted provided the original post is shared.
  • The winner will initially be contacted via Facebook (from Takechargeofyourmoneyblog) or Twitter (from @your_money_blog) depending on where the wining entry was drawn from.
  • The prize will be a R2000 takealot gift voucher which is only redeemable via the website. Takealot is in no way party to this competition.

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