Heritage Day in South Africa

Heritage Day in South Africa

Today is Heritage Day in South Africa. This is a celebration of our heritage, diverse cultures, traditions, language and generally a time to remember where we came from. I thought we should spend a little time today thinking about what our parents taught us about money; what beliefs and values did they pass on to you? And are those beliefs and values good for you?

#MoneyMonday – short to-the-point money thought every Monday to give you motivation, perspective or action for the week.

Your money heritage

I remember always being told that “money is the root of all evil”, and that somehow made me feel guilty about wanting to make money and grow my wealth. I understand what is meant by the statement but one does need money to cover certain basic needs and although one should not covet money, you do need to look after yourself and your family as best you can.

I also remember growing up thinking that my situation and circumstances were just “my lot in life” and that I couldn’t do anything about it. Sometimes one must suffer as it’s just what it is and one should accept it. What nonsense! Wow, imagine if I still believed that!

So what do you remember being told about money? Whether in words or actions, you would have picked up values & beliefs. Some good and valid, and some just silly and which will stunt your future if you keep believing them.

Make a point to understand your own beliefs and how they are affecting your life right now. Take a look at my post on Your Money or Your Life.

Keep a money belief journal

I like making lists and writing things down so that I can refer back to them. This is great for when you’re trying to learn about yourself as you can’t necessarily answer tough “life” questions instantly. If you keep a journal or list somewhere you can just add things as and when you think about them.

So why not start a list (either on your phone or in a journal) and really start thinking about both positive and negative things that you believe about money.

Think about your feelings, actions and your parents actions relating to the following:

  • how you make money
  • how it makes you feel
  • when you think about someone who is really rich
  • when you see someone who is really poor
  • whether you feel you can or should do better
  • what do you see in others that really annoys you (relating to how the earn / spend their money)
  • what does your religion say about money and how does that affect you

Enjoy your Money Heritage Day

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