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Help! Where’s my money gone?

Help! Where's my money gone?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by money stresses and that feeling of despair when you realise that you don’t have enough money left for the month? Where’s my money gone?

You earn an okay salary but after the debit orders, credit card payments, living expenses and “stuff” you literally have nothing left. Where does it all go and how does it disappear so quickly? Like really, where has my money gone?

It’s no mystery as money can’t simply vanish, it all gets spent somewhere. Our mission is simply to find it!

Download this free expense tracker to work it out where and how you’re spending it and see if it’s in line with your values and future goals.

It’s a lot simpler than you imagine although it may be a bit scary if you don’t really want to know the truth about your finances.

If you want to understand why you’re struggling to make it through the month, or stressing about not having enough money, then this is for you!

What’s in it for you?

  • A free workbook
  • Insights into your spending habits
  • Motivation to change!
  • The answer to the question “where’s my money gone?”

Here’s a quick look at me talking about this at my last blog meet up in Cape Town

Video not showing? Go directly to YouTube video

And once you’ve had a look at that, link through to my free budgeting course and get

  • 3 video interviews to find out how different people manage their money
  • 5 modules in total
  • a jam-packed workbook


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