My worst money mistake

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This is really an aweful story to recall but I was pleased to be able to share it on Mel’s Postbox as part of her money series.

I didn’t have car insurance and something happened… luckily though I now use Naked Insure and you can get an instant online quote in like less than a minute! (See how I save money on my car insurance)

It’s actually quite embarrassing to even be sharing this story, but I was young and naive and in hindsight it’s probably a good thing that I learned my lesson when I was still resilient enough to deal with it.

I was probably around the age of 20 when I bought my first car. It was a brand new car, a VW Citi Golf and I was really proud if it (even though it was the lowest of the range and cheapest car on the market at the time).

It was obviously very exciting and quite a big thing deal for me!

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