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Today I had the privilege of speaking to fellow personal finance blogger Tony who runs the site CentreMoney (the site seems to no longer exist) It’s always great hearing what others in the same field are doing and finding out what motivates and inspires them. Please go visit his site and support his good work.

I just put some questions out to him and you can see my own comments in italics.

When did you start blogging and what was your thinking behind it?

I started my blog in July 2017 (three months ago) just trying to make an impact and give informational content to people interested in achieving financial freedom.

Prior to that I used to write about soccer (another passion of mine) on a different blog, I’ve closed that one down though as the results weren’t worth the time invested.

It has always been the passion that drove me to starting blogs and also the extra money factor.

Brendan: Great tip – don’t try blog about something you’re not passionate about as that will surely show through your writing, and you will probably get frustrated with your blog quite quickly.

Was there a defining moment when you decided that “normal” 9 – 5 work is not for you and that you would rather be an entrepreneur?

Not exactly. Currently I am not working 9-5 but I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Since I lack funds to invest on an offline business I decided that the best option would be starting an online business. That’s trending!

I like the dynamic life of an entrepreneur but I feel that sometimes you need that 9-5 job. People are different and it’s up to them to decide. Many factors obviously play a role in the decision.

What does Financial Freedom mean for you?

Financial freedom gives you comfort to maneuver with money in your life. It means that you don’t have to worry about the financial aspect. But to me it’s not having so much money, it’s the feeling of contentment with what you have. That’s most important! If you see money as a solution that makes our lives easier, that’s great. But if it’s making you a materialist, I guess that’s not okay!

Brendan: Love it – Financial Freedom is not about having so much, but rather being content with enough to not need to stress about money.

How do you balance enjoying life now whilst saving money for a better future?

When deciding on something I always aim for contentment; that leads to happiness. This doesn’t mean that only expensive things can make you content though, sometimes they may make you greedy. When deciding to spend or save, really think about whether it’s worth it.

I am still on my journey to achieve financial independence. You need to be practical about your situation! It’s not always all about saving. If you are on a very low budget you can’t really save anything from your salary. Then you should focus on creating new income funnels and save from that while you live with contentment feelings.

Brendan: Focus on contentment, happiness and the value something adds to your life. That’s great. 

Whats the top advice you’d give someone who tells you that their finances are a mess?

I am not a financial advisor and people reading this should not take it as professional advice. But, I would suggest (as many do) to create streams of income.

Brendan: That’s great advice! I would also add though that you need to get your personal finances and admin in order before starting new endeavors.

Do you feel that Financial Freedom is achievable for anyone?

It depends but I would say yes. The country you are living in can play a big role in this as it’s probably a lot harder for those living in undeveloped or still developing countries.

Brendan: Agreed, and with all the resources available on the subject I think it is more achievable than many think.

Whats the worst money-related mistake you’ve made? What did you learn from it?

I haven’t made any major money mistakes yet, but I regret money I spent for nothing!

Brendan: LOL we all make the mistake of buying useless stuff at some point.

What’s the plan for your blog over the next year or so?

My blog is about achieving financial freedom. As I am on my journey to reach financial independence I will try to provide helpful content for the readers as I learn and experience things along the way.

The plan is to grow my blog audience – reach people and connect with them, collaborate with people (blogs) interested about the same topics, make it profitable etc. I am also thinking about sharing my mission statement on the blog.

Thank you for the interview with me.

Brendan: Awesome! That sounds great. Well done with your mission so far and keep it up! 

If you have a Personal Finance blog and would like to collaborate please feel free to pop me a message!

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  1. Great interview! I agree that the country you live in can make it easier or harder to achieve financial independence, however it can be hard even in developed countries. France is an example where the tax rates are so high and the paperwork for being an entrepreneur is so complicated that people just stick with the 9-5.

    Great to hear about other PF bloggers in the community!

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