Celebrate small wins

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I can’t talk for everyone, but I certainly seem to be surrounded by media that only seems to show amazing, wonderful and extraordinary people and achievements. That’s really great, but that’s not me (yet? Who knows)

I think it’s important to celebrate your small wins and to be proud of your achievements (however big or small). There is really no need to “keep up with the Jones”. If you’re not one that usually sets goals then have a look at my post on setting a small and achievable goal, it’s really fun and exciting when you achieve it!

This is my 50th blog post and I’m celebrating!

This may seem rather insignificant but I am really pleased that my blog is going as well as it is and that I am now on my 50th post! My partner is away at the moment so I won’t be popping the champagne. Instead I decided to give away 50 FREE coupons to my course on calculating the effects of additional payments into your home loan (or any other loan really). Hopefully you can learn how to do the financial calculations and really understand if it is worth making additional payments or not. That should cause some celebration of your own!

There really are only 50 coupons so first come first served!

NOTE: There are no free coupons left

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