Savings Binge : Day 5 Progress

So just in case you’ve missed what this “savings binge” is all about, have a look at the intro post to find out more.

After 5 days of going on a super-savings-binge I’ve realized that it’s not so easy to break old habits! My morning coffee routine has probably been my hardest challenge to adjust to. I have had to buy 2 coffees – not so much for the caffeine but rather for the habit and feeling of contentment. I’m not too concerned though as I have managed to save in so many other areas!

My total spending per day has been:

Day 1:   –
Day 2: R29
Day 3: R37
Day 4:   –
Day 5: R22

Total: R88 (or R17.60 per day)

I’m very pleased with that! All it’s taken was a bit of preplanning with regards buying groceries and cooking up a whole lot of meals, and then packing food for work instead of buying. And I packed a cold lentil salad for dinner last night as there wasn’t time to go home after work and before my Scout meeting. I am estimating a savings of around R150 per day – which is super awesome!

I have also been very conscious of electricity and water usage; in fact I’m conscious of everything I consume!

These 11 days are really just a personal experiment to see how frugally I can live, and to readjust my financial priorities. Excited to see how I feel by the end of this and what adjustments I decide to make permanent.

The weekend could be challenging but I’ll leet you know in the next update.

Please share your thoughts