Savings Binge progress

Savings Binge : Day 5 Progress

So just in case you’ve missed what this “savings binge” is all about, have a look at the intro post on my 11 Day Mega Savings Binge to find out more.

After 5 days of going on a super-savings-binge I’ve realized that it’s not so easy to break old habits! My morning coffee routine has probably been my hardest challenge to adjust to. I have had to buy 2 coffees – not so much for the caffeine but rather for the habit and feeling of contentment. I’m not too concerned though as I have managed to save in so many other areas!

Savings Binge progress

My total spending per day has been:

  • Days 1 & 4 had zero spending
  • The second day: R29
  • Day 3: R37
  • Day 5: R22

Total: R88 (or R17.60 per day)

I’m very pleased with my progress so far! R17.60 per day is ridiculously little. All it’s taken was a bit of pre-planning with regards buying groceries and cooking up a whole lot of meals, and then packing food for work instead of buying. And I packed a cold lentil salad for dinner last night as there wasn’t time to go home after work and before my Scout meeting. I am estimating a savings of around R150 per day – which is super awesome!

Before anyone clever asks, I did obviously have to buy groceries upfront before starting this challenge. So the R17.60 per day is not strictly speaking true. It simply reflects any spending done during this time. (hope that makes sense)

I have also been very conscious of electricity and water usage; in fact I’m conscious of everything I consume!

Why do a savings binge?

These 11 days are really just a personal experiment to see how frugally I can live, and to readjust my financial priorities. There is no need for me to cut out all luxuries and to live a boring life. I just want to see what I can do and how I will feel by the end of this. Perhaps I decide to make some permanent adjustments and perhaps not. It doesn’t matter too much.

The weekend could be challenging but I’ll let you know in the next update.


  1. I know, old habits die hard….lol

    I have started tracking my spending closely and started 30 days saving binges however the most challenging for me are the 10 days leading to my pay day. Somehow the mind knows there‚Äôs so money coming in and start to flex….

    It seems been a great journey though. Keep going Brendan.

    1. Wow a 30 day savings challenge sounds awesome! I can understand the last few days been tough though but good luck!

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