Appreciate what you have

It’s human nature to always want more.

  • A better job
  • More money
  • Early retirement
  • A nicer car
  • A better neighborhood
  • New clothes
  • A better phone
  • And so the list goes on…

There is nothing wrong with wanting more and aspiring to do better. In this post though I simply want to remind you to appreciate what you have!

No matter where you live or what your circumstances, you must have things that you take for granted. Sometimes the daily stress of working just to be able to pay for some of the nice things we have makes us forget what we really have.


Take a few minutes each day to think of the things that you can (and should) be grateful for. Little things, big things; I am sure you will find lots!

Write them down, or better yet, share them on Twitter and encourage others to be appreciative.

(Just the fact that you are reading this blog means that you have access to the internet; something you probably take for granted…)

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