Set an intention

Set an intention

I’ve been struggling with my early morning yoga routine recently and I messaged my yoga instructor saying “Help – I can’t get myself out of bed in the morning! Need motivation”. Her response was probably something she was taught in yoga-school (some mystic place in India no doubt) because it’s so simple and yet profound. Simply, set an intention.

Her exact response was simply “When your alarm clock goes off, place both feet firmly on the ground and think ‘Don’t listen to your mind, do it for your body and soul’.”

Further explanation led her to say “Simply set an intention and when the time comes, follow through with it.” It’s really as simple as that.

This is so simplistic and almost “silly”. You’re thinking, sure, but how will this help me?

Even though that advice is meant to help me wake up at 5am, it’s equally true for anything; especially things that require willpower such as sticking to a budget. Set an intention, and then do it!

No need to think about it and argue with yourself. If you were in a conscious and focused space when you made your intention (goal, plan, decision) then there is no reason to not follow through with it. Just don’t give yourself that option.

Set an intention; and just do it!

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