Why save money?

Why save money?

This site is all about saving, budgeting and in general taking charge of your money. But saving is hard and requires you to make sacrifices. Why save money though? Is it really worth the effort? You might think that it’s silly to work so hard and then not spend your money; surely that’s why you work and earn money in the first place!


Finding a balance

To start with, you need to find balance as you need to enjoy life and spend money on things that can bring you joy. You also need to save for your future. And thus it’s finding that middle ground.

You need to spend time with loved ones and have fun. There is an old saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. We don’t want to become dull (and possibly cantankerous) simply because we focus so hard on saving that we forget how to live. To help you find this balance you definitely need to create¬†a budget and a plan.

Then, there’s the future you. There is a concept of “living for today and enjoying each day to its fullest” but at the same time we need to look at “the bigger picture”. Saving is your tool to reach your goals and dreams. This is something that is completely in your control and the amount you save, the goals you make and the success is all up to you!

Achieve your goals

Many people feel that they simply don’t earn enough in order to reach any goals and thus don’t even bother trying. If you seriously look at what you earn and what you spend, you may find that there is actually more than you think. Unless you can find a way to earn more money, you should certainly be looking at where your money is disappearing to.

Here are some reasons why you should save money. Also make your own list of keywords to get you started.

  • A better retirement plan so that you can live financially independent and secure in your old age
  • Less stress knowing that you have some money saved in the bank
  • A debt-free (thus stress free) life
  • Ensuring that you children get a quality education
  • The dream trip overseas
  • Your health and being able to afford better choices

These may seem like big ideas but you can start with small and manageable financial goals and build your confidence and improve your finances over time.

Why not start right away with your first goal?

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