Do the right thing

Do the right thing

Sounds easy enough, and it sure is! We’re strange creatures though as we generally know what is good for us in terms of health, exercise, financial issues, etc but we often choose to ignore our own better judgment. We think and say one thing, but do the opposite. It’s time now to do the right thing.

You may think that you need to exercise, and be frustrated that you don’t. But you still don’t. Or perhaps you know that you are not saving for your retirement, but you cannot motivate yourself to start. You can tell others about the benefits of budgeting, but you don’t do it yourself.

You know that you should save money, invest for your future, create financial goals, not buy things you don’t need, etc….  Also, you probably know that you should keep track of spending and live within your means. You know that debt is bad.

In fact, you probably know all the basics of personal finance. You just don’t do it.

Challenge yourself to do the right thing

Take the time to think about life. Write down one thing that you don’t do even though you know you should (because it is good for you).

Now write the reasons why you don’t do it. Are there valid reasons or are they just excuses? Also write down the consequences of not doing it.

Spend some time thinking about this.

Think about your finances

Think about this in terms of your finances now. What are you not doing that you know you should? Again, ask yourself why not.

It’s not that hard to make small changes to daily habits to set you on the track to do the right thing.

Just start!

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