Split bills

Split bills


Split bills can be a bit of a touchy subject, especially when it works out completely unfair. I’m talking about when a bunch of friends go out for dinner and some people order the expensive food and drink whilst others (on a tight budget) order the cheaper options. At the end someone (usually the one who ordered expensive items) says “Let’s just split the bill evenly, it all works out about the same”.

If it seems fair (everyone ordered more or less the same) then I really don’t mind as it makes paying the bill quick and easy. However, when I know it’s not fair then it really irks me!

In fact, it happened the other day when a friend specifically ordered several bottles of expensive wine for the table (although we all opted for the cheaper) and at the end we had to split it. That is an example when someone else is in charge of my money and that is frustrating.

I don’t really know how to deal with split bills as it depends somewhat on the group of friends and the evening out. In some circles it’s easy to discuss money matters and one can just be straight. In some situations though people can make a big deal out of it when it really shouldn’t be.

What do you do?

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