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Quote on impressing others

I love this quote on impressing others and it’s so true.

Quote on impressing others

Too many people spend money they don’t have to by things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like

How often do you buy things that are in fashion or trending simply because it’s cool? It is nice having tredy things, but it’s really easy to fall into the trap of needing to have things in order to be part of the right crowd. And unfortunately, it’s often times people we don’t even like.

Think about how often we do things just because it will “look right”. Or how we go to places just to get the right Instagram pics. It’s in our nature and it’s not necessarily bad. But, are you living a lifestyle that you can’t really afford?

What’s the alternative?

Instead of following trends and doing whatever everyone else does, rather focus your money on things that are important to you and which will help you enjoy life the way you want to. Money is an enabler and it can truly help you create a life that is fulfilled. But, you need to set your priorities straight!

Start off by looking at your values and how that affects your money. Knowing what’s important to you and where you draw the line with regards money can really help with future decisions. And don’t buy stuff just for the sake of it!

As the quote implies, there is no need for impressing others. Do it for yourself.

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