The start

So what’s this page all about and why the cover photo with shoes and some random objects?

Well, I am forever striving to reach a state of “financial freedom” and although that term can mean different things for different people, I really would like to get to a point where I can be in control of my time and lay out my items needed for the day and spend it just as I would like to. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well I do fully believe it’s possible, it just takes focus and daily effort.

This page is set up for me to share things that I find along the way, and to create a community of like minded people who can help each other reach their financial goals. Join me in the Facebook Community and let’s see where this goes.

It’s so easy to let the chaos of life take over and to lose track of money and to forever be in a state of financial stress. It’s time to take charge of your money!